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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Characteristics/ Features of a computer

The increasing popularity of computer has proved that it is very powerful and useful machine. The power and usefulness of this popular machine is mainly due to the following features:-
a) Speed
b) Accuracy
c) Diligence
d) Versatile
e) Storage
f) Automatic
g) Reliability
a) Speed: - Computer can work at a very high speed. The time taken by the computer to execute instruction is very fast. Its processing speed is measured in a fraction of a second.
Millisecond (KHZ) - a thousandth of a second. (Kilo Hertz)
Microsecond (MHZ) - a millionth of a second. (Mega Hertz)
Nanosecond (GHZ) - a billionth of a second. (Giga Hertz)
Pico second (THZ) - a trillionth of a second. (Tera Hertz)
b) Accuracy: - Though the computer does its work with a very high speed, it does not make any mistake unless the user gives it a wrong instruction. Computers are 100% accurate. But if we feed wrong data to the computer, it returns the same wrong output or information called GIGO (Garbage in garbage out).
c) Diligence: - Computers can work for many hours continuously without taking any rest and without decreasing its speed, accuracy and efficiency. It is free from tiredness, lack of concentration, fatigue etc.
d) Versatile: - Computer is a versatile machine which can do varieties of task such as simple calculation to a complex and logical operation. It is used in various fields for various purposes.
e) Storage: - Computer has mass storage section where we can store large volume of data for future work. Such data are easily recall from the secondary storage devices like floppy disk (FDD), hard disk (HDD), compact disk (CD) etc.
f) Automatic: - Once the instruction to do any work is given to the computer, the computer does its work automatically by itself.
g) Reliability: - Since computer can do its work very fast, without making any mistake and without taking rest and is able to store data for future use, it is a very reliable or trustworthy machine.